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If you’ve been pondering over the Samsung A12, you’ve come to the right place. This smartphone is a direct successor to the Galaxy A11 and will launch in the US in April 2021. You can get a Samsung A12 in a variety of configurations, starting with two GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. You can also choose between three different colors and three different RAM capacities. However, if you’re interested in the cheapest version, I’d recommend the Galaxy A11+.

The camera on the Samsung A12 isn’t a flagship, but it’s still pretty good, especially when it comes to bright conditions. Although the camera isn’t great, it’s decent enough for sharing. The front-facing camera is embedded in a shallow notchlette at the top, which is slightly off-putting. Otherwise, it’s an average camera that will satisfy most users. But don’t be fooled by its low price. Samsung A12

The Samsung A12’s battery life is long enough, but not long enough. The extra battery life only matters when the phone is slow. Unless you’re using it for extended periods, it’s unlikely you’ll find it necessary. It’s better to spend a little extra on a larger battery than to have a phone that lacks one of these essential features. Besides, the A12 doesn’t support wireless charging or IP certification.

Although it doesn’t have an incredibly large battery, it’s still a decent option. The battery on the Samsung A12 is a generous 5,000mAh. Even though it’s not a hefty battery, it still manages to last over 25 hours when running looped videos. However, the phone’s small RAM and storage make it unsuitable as a daily driver. Future updates are unlikely to address this problem.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the A12 has excellent camera quality. Its price is also pocket-friendly, resulting in a very good combination for a budget-conscious buyer. The phone’s battery life is impressive too, with an average of 18 hours of battery life. If you’re looking for a smartphone that works well for everyone, you’ll love the Samsung Galaxy A12.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy SIII is a terrible phone. Its incredibly slow processor is not ideal for multitasking and makes the phone feel cheap. Moreover, its processor is not as good as other Chinese-branded handsets. The MediaTek chip used in this handset makes it perform poorly on benchmarks. Even its battery is generous, but you may not be able to use it well enough to multitask with it. There’s no way to be certain about how it will perform on your specific needs.

You can find out how to unlock your Samsung A12 by reading our review. It is possible to unlock your phone for any carrier. But, to avoid the hefty cost of unlocking your phone, we suggest getting a Samsung Galaxy A12 if you can. The cost is only $269, which is worth it. But, before you get started, be sure you understand exactly what it’s worth. Keep reading for more information!

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